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I still shoot film and love doing so. Tune into this channel to see vintage cameras and photography in general. I try to keep things simple and upbeat.
  • 01:15 Canon AE-1 Self Portrait Credits

    Canon AE-1 Self Portrait Credits

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    Thanks to everyone who participated in the AE-1 video! Michael Andrew Keerdo-Dawson Simon Tsai Mark Burban

  • 02:40 The Definitive Canon Camera: AE-1 and A Series

    The Definitive Canon Camera: AE-1 and A Series

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    After review I couldn't pick just one. The A-series changed the way we use cameras and it should be included as a whole. By making cameras easier to use and simpler they changed how we take pictures. Photo Credits Michael Andrew Keerdo-Dawson https://www.

  • 01:03 POTW 07.18.15: DAAN L

    POTW 07.18.15: DAAN L

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    This week our image comes from Daan L who is based in the Netherlands. I was drawn to his high contrast street photography and his great use of framing and composition. Daan's work my photography ht

  • 02:31 Photographers Tour of Kansas City

    Photographers Tour of Kansas City

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    Kansas City is in my backyard and a fun place to live and work. We start our tour at the Nelson Atkins Museum and go through the Plaza. I also give some tips on when to visit and what to eat. my photography

  • 02:58 Laser Cutter Basics

    Laser Cutter Basics

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    I'm going to show you laser cutting basics with the epilog legend 36EXT. Laser cutting can feel intimidating but it's easy to learn and get started. We will cover kerfs setting up the machine and safety. my photography http://astore.a

  • 02:14 3d Printed Polaroid Checker

    3d Printed Polaroid Checker

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    Checking to see if a polaroid works can be a pain. This is a really simple build that costs very little. The only specialized part you need is a battery holder Higher Quality Images 3d Files: http://www.thingiv

  • 02:31 The Definitive Olympus: OM-1

    The Definitive Olympus: OM-1

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    The OM-1 is an amazing camera. It's all a camera needs to be, simple, reliable and easy to use. The OM-1 stands out because of it's size and compactness, things everyone else was late to the party with. my photography

  • 01:04 POTW, July 11th 2015: Ross Togashi

    POTW, July 11th 2015: Ross Togashi

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    Ross's work is amazing and how he does it is just as amazing. Ross does lots of pinhole photography and I've been drawn to how sharp and different his images are. He pushes the format and style for me every time he releases new work. The Image: https://ww