How I Deal With Anxiety: My Story.

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How I deal with Anxiety: My Story.

Hey dolls,
Is todays video is very different to what I usually film. It has taken me so long to film this and share this with you, and I finally decided I was ready to.
The main message I wanted to portray within this video is that you aren't alone. I know at times it gets tough and it feels like you're on a constant rollercoaster. But finding different ways that may not help you completely, but learn how to deal with it really helps. And it honestly does get better. I have felt sooo low at some points but you CAN pick yourself up and work around you.
Always put you first! You are amazing, always remember that!

Please message me on any of my socials as I'd love to help you as well.
Like I said in the video, I am NOT a professional at this. But dealing with it myself and finding ways that has really helped me made me think id love to share them with you beauties!
Not everything you see online or even in person is real. A lot of people are suffering in silence and you don't even know that they are hurting. Always ask around if your friends and family are okay and make sure you are okay too.
Theres always someone you can talk to, even me!
Within this experience I've learnt it really does help to talk to someone about it. Even if its just one person. It honestly helps.

I love each and everyone of you! I know I don't normally post videos like this and it may not be everyones cup of tea as not everyone deals with anxiety. But even if I help just one person that makes me that happiest girl ever.

Here are my TOP TIPS for Anxiety incase any of you forgot!

- Write Lists... Every night before you go to sleep, get a note pad dedicated to to do lists and write down what you want to accomplish the next day. This is something that has helped me as it makes me feel so much more organised and makes me feel like I have achieved things that day when I tick them off.

- Have YOU time... Go to your room or even your happy place and find some time out to enjoy your own company. Its so important to love yourself and to work on your own time.

- Talk to others... This is something I was always soooooo scared to do but when I do it, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulder and I honestly felt so so much better about it.

- See a therapist... This is something I haven't yet done but I really want to do. If you are from the UK & Brighton area then please message me an amazing therapist as id love to try it.

- Gym... Working out releases so much stress I have and makes me feel amazing about myself. It feels like I'm getting rid of all the bad toxins in my body and makes me so happy. The days I don't go I can really see how it doesn't help me as much. its a lovey hobby too :)

- Plan ahead... Like no.1 write lists. Even if its for your holiday, a weekend away, what you need to get from the shops, what needs to go in your suitcase etc. Always plan, you feel more prepared for whats to come and makes everything so organised.

- Create a Mood Board... This honestly helps if you have goals you want to reach as it can help to plan your future and work towards what you want to achieve in your life.

- Love yourself... Accept you, and learn different ways on how to deal with it. You aren't going to master it at first and you may need to go down some rough roads to get on a smoother path. But just figure out and you'll be okay, I promise!!

Love you guys SOOOO much!!

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