How Many Megapixels Is Film?

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Medium format (120 220 film how many megapixels are equivalent to film? Digital forum the real resolution of vs. Digital i still shoot film. Of course you can scan the film to a much higher resolution but all get is more noise not detail. How many megapixels is film? Youtube. Look at the resolution spec for some films and lenses. Times more pixels are needed 16 sep 2004 you've made a very good point actually, one to consider with the many film digital comparisons in mind. I send off my medium format film for processing and scanning get four megapixel scans on a cd which are fine 4 oct 2006 somewhere round 10 12 megapixels. But wait each film pixel represents true r, g and b data, not the softer bayer interpolated data from digital camera sensors many professional quality cameras use medium format or large films. Html "imx0m" url? Q webcache. How many pixels are there in a frame of 35mm film? Brad templeton. Essentially, the mtf curve indicates fidelity w 13 apr 2006 what's comparison in megapixels to film? I'm looking at buying a 30d and want an indication of how sharp it is compared 35mm film camera 12 feb 2011 i've checked various places, consensus seems be that frame (24mm 36mm size) has up 20 megapixels, assuming fine grained, was exposed developed properly. When considering the quality dslrs from canon or nikon, most people switched to preferring images 8 megapixel models compared 35mm film, and very few are unsatisfied with 20. They simply cannot deal with dpi's over 300 or they are wasted in that you tell a difference between 14 feb 2004 i'm totally confused by the specs for film scanners. My research shows about 1. Pull the data sheet for film of interested. Clarkvision film versus digital clarkvision photo photography forums. What is the equivalent resolution of a 35mm film photography pixel count ken rockwell. We arrive at this number by scanning a negative progressively higher resolution (in here are some of the issues in digital vs film debate question really is versus electronic sensorselectronic sensors an analog charge gets digitized camera. Re how many megapixels equals 35mm film? Pro digital talk forum was is the benchmark to 'equal' film comparing image quality of and petapixel. Kodachrome 25 how many megapixels in digital camera? Nikon. In fact, they are competing in some minds with medium format shooting instead of picking arbitrary numbers out the air, do math to get comparisons. Because of the relatively large size imaging area these media provide, they can record higher resolution images than most consumer digital cameras. Thephotoforum film & digital how many megapixels do you get from film? Clarkvision versus summary clarkvision. Googleusercontent search. There was a tradeoff between sensitivity and grain size 35mm film is 24 x 36mm, or 864 square millimeters. What will we need in a megapixel digital sensor to produce equally detailed grain (noise) free images? Asked another way, is the current d3s 12 equal of old kodach

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