How to Scan Kodak Ektar 100 | Color Negative Film on an Epson V700

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Scanning Kodak Ektar 100 was by far the most difficult process for me to learn when I switched to large format several years ago. I was quite experienced in editing digital RAW files, but color negative film was a completely different animal. The color casts were not like anything I had ever tried to correct before, and I often found myself overwhelmed at where to even start.

Gradually I developed a repeatable system that has served me well. I'm certainly no scanning expert and will gladly take any hints that anyone has to offer, but I finally feel confident about shooting and scanning Ektar.

For me a successful scan begins with the correct exposure. I have found that color negative film looks terrible when underexposed. Whenever I am metering a scene, I will select the darkest spot in the scene and make sure that area does not dip below and exposure value of -2. Often I'll take a double, and place that area at -1. I am never concerned where the highlights fall as it's nearly impossible to overexpose this film.

Once in EsponScan...well, you'll see all that in the video. Thanks for watching!! Also, congratulations to Frederic BONNEAU Photography for winning the lav mic.

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