How to Use Colored Filters with Black and White Film

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In this video I simplify how to use colored filters with black and white film photography. (The principles discussed are the same for any format- 35mm, 120, etc.)

Summary of Important Tips:

Why would you want to use colored filters with black and white film photography?
- To color correct an image
- To add contrast
- For artistic effect

How do you use the filters correctly?
- Use the same colored filter for the color that you want to lighten in your image (i.e. A red tomato changes from dark gray to white if a red filter is used)
- To darken a color in your image use a complimentary colored filter (i.e. If you want to make a GREEN pepper appear as a darker shade of gray, use a RED filter.

What are some uses for these particular colored filters?
- Yellow is a great general purpose filter. It is also good for portraits.
- Orange works well for architecture, and for street photography
- Red is a great landscape filter, and can create a dramatic or dynamic scene.

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