HUGE Object Found PROVES NASA Moon Cover up! & Multiple UFOs Filmed Amazing Quality Footage 1/9/2018

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Alien Bros is a team of UFO researchers dedicated to bringing you the latest in alien related news and anything else that seems paranormal with a specific interest in military bases like Area 51 and Kapustin Yar. In this video we discuss multiple UFO sightings caught on film. These sightings were all originally posted by our friends UFO MAN and The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 and they are some major UFO sightings. The first sighting we examine is a mindblowing sighting caught over Phoenix Arizona by a skateboarder and it is some incredible UFO footage. The UFO is clearly visible in the shot and it appears it was attempting to abduct someone or something. It lit up into a bright orb of light before dissapearing. This sighting took place on November 26th of 2017 and it is stunning. The next piece of footage we show is an older piece of UFO footage caught in 2010 but it is awesome and clearly depicts a cloaked UFO over Mt. Fuji Japan. After that we show a sighting compilation of UFOs filmed over Cotulla Texas since 2013 and we also briefly recap 2017 and prepare for 2018. Then we discuss a Laredo Texas UFO sighting we shared on the channel recently. We then get into the main part of this video and that is a Moon anomaly found by our friend Ricko from Denmark and it is BOMBSHELL proof of UFO activity happening on our moon during the Apollo 10 mission. There was no moon landing hoax and yes astronomy is real. It is a cigar shaped moon UFO at least 2 miles long and is very similar to the alien object oumuamua that recently flew through our solar system and was talked about by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert recently on the Late Night Show. We believe that this is definitive proof of NASA covering up alien and UFO activity both on our moon our solar system and right here on planet Earth. Remember MUFON is owned by Robert Bigelow now and Bigelow now works for our government after the revelations from Luis Elizondo and the Pentagon UFO footage were revieled so do not send MUFON your footage! Welcome to 2018 guys! We here at Alien Bros touch on all topics relating to the alien phenomenon and do our best to make sure you guys, the viewers, get every detail possible. Please support the channel, like, share, comment, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE!!

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Here you can see how they cut many of the pic's... they cut right before the ufo sight.:

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