Large Format Landscape Photography in Utah: Day 4

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Day 4 of my trip, which was our third day in a remote canyon, was a moving day. We packed up camp and moved 6.5 miles to a second basecamp. 6.5 miles doesn't sounds like a lot, but it honestly felt twice as long when you factor in the terrain and weight of my pack. It was EXHAUSTING! Plus, the previous night, Justin was fairly certain he was close to hypothermia, so we a long discussion that morning about whether or not we should continue. Obviously we decided to keep going!

We decided to do a few things to help him stay warm. We slept in my two person tent to keep as much heat in the tent as possible. It was cramped, but we managed by sleeping head-to-toe to keep the widest parts of the sleeping pads opposed to eachother. We also boiled water, placed it in a water bottle, and put the water bottle in his sleeping bag just before going to sleep. Finally, I gave him all the extra layers of clothes that I had...I was determined to see the trip through! LOL

This day was rough though. I think the hardest part was honestly that the sky was overcast so the photography conditions weren't that great. This completely took my mind out of it. I ended up making 3 images, but I'm not that thrilled with them. I honestly took two of them just to have something to do at the end of the hike...not exactly the best mindset to be making you best work!

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