Pentax K-S1 Video Manual: Video 3 of 4 -- Menu System

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Ricoh's Pentax KS-1, their newest camera as of this video's production, is an entry-level camera with professional-grade image quality. The KS-1 has odd ergonomics but an incredible image sensor that captures fantastic color depth, amazing dynamic range, and images and video that will make most users' eyes pop out of their heads.

The KS-1's target audience is comprised of entry-level users, casual photographers, and first-time DSLR owners. That said, the KS-1 has the ability to grow with a photographer, deliver fantastic images, and is a great platform from which to grow or improve your photography.

DSLR Sensor Cleaning Video:

Here's an index to help navigate this video:
Skip the Intro: 0:07
Menu Overview: 0:32
Record Menu 1: 1:34
Record Menu 2: 17:44
Record Menu 3: 25:51
Record Menu 4: 37:17
Video Menu: 47:47
Playback Menu: 50:38
Set-up Menu 1: 52:46
Set-up Menu 2: 58:39
Set-up Menu 3: 1:02:49
Set-up Menu 4: 1:04:45
Custom Setting Menu 1: 1:09:19
Custom Setting Menu 2: 1:15:07
Custom Setting Menu 3: 1:21:45
Custom Setting Menu 4: 1:27:23
Closing: 1:32:17

This is the fourth part in a four-video series. Here are the links to the other videos:
Video 1, General Overview:
Video 2, Using the Interface Elements:
Video 4, Movie Mode:

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