Test Photos w/ Kodak Film in Ultramax 400 ASA Speed For 35mm Film Cameras / Color Print Photography

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Kodak film for 35mm cameras has been around for decades and still sold today like this popular roll of Kodak UltraMax 400 in the 24 exposure length. If you're just learning photography or getting back into it, this is a great first roll of film to try out and learn on. [Learn more below]

Link to the Kodak Ultramax 400 film seen in the video: http://amzn.to/29Halxd

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After that, you can check out higher quality grades of film and lower ASA speeds like 200, 100, 50 and maybe even try out your luck with expired films from different film manufacturers.

This was the first roll of film taken in a long time after switching to digital. It was a test, really, for a Canon AE-1 Program acquired as well as using it with the Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 lens. It's a great combo and with the right film, would be awesome for an all-around setup for walk-around street photography and whatever else. From the local corner store to the grocery market, you'll find some kind of ISO 400 speed film still. Most likely, it will be by Kodak. 400 is popular because it works in low light to full sunlight with acceptable grain. For smaller, high quality grain, go with a lower speed. But, you'll need more light. On the other hand, a larger ASA/ISO number will enable lower light and even night photography under the right conditions.

The photos in the video were taken in various situations to see how the film handles. Another video with Fuji 200 film will test that speed range, as well as other speeds in the future. But, as you can see, grain is visible from these scanned pictures. The actual pictures weren't bad and definitely usable for the low light stuff. But, if you are shooting outdoors, go for a faster ISO speed film. The film was developed and processed at Walgreens, again, as a test to see what one hour photo processing looks like these days with the c41 process. As many have stated online, it's not the best quality, but convenient and fast. Scans to CD were offered and bought, as a test, and they were terrible. They were lower than 1mb in size and of terrible low resolution quality. The pictures here are scans from the personal scanner at the highest resolution possible and it's not bad.

If you're searching for a widely available and cost-effective roll of 35mm film, consider ASA 400 film. This will give you flexibility in various lighting situations. To save money, you can buy in bulk or even the 4 packs.

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When people are starting out in the photo world, often times budget is a concern or you just want to test out this new hobby. You may want to start out with some used camera lenses. From micro four thirds cameras like Panasonic and Olympus to the big two, Nikon and Canon, there are many camera systems out there that will meet the needs of beginners, prosumers and pros. Whichever you choose, there will always be accessories and choices in things like film stock like with the ASA 400 Ultramax Kodak film for SLR cameras.

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