Understanding Camera Sensor Size, Dynamic Range & Image Quality

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Camera sensor size is the most important factor in determining overall camera performance, image quality, color, detail, & noise level.

Main Sections & Topics Included in the Guide:

1 Camera Sensor Size & Image Quality – VIDEO
2 Camera Sensor Basics – Overview
3 Megapixels & Color: How Camera Sensors Work
4 Bit Depth, Color Depth & Image Quality
5 Camera Sensor Size – Overview
6 Full Frame, Medium Format & Crop Camera Sensors
7 Camera Sensor Size – Why It Really Matters
8 Picture Noise & Sensor Size
9 Dynamic Range, ISO & Sensor Size
10 Camera & Sensor Recommendations

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Camera Sensor Basics – Overview
Understanding camera sensor size and why it actually matters is one of the most important aspects of learning photography.

Selecting the best overall camera settings, ISO, shutter speed, f-stop, and image quality attributes, dynamic range, noise, bit-depth, sensor size, is impossible without a basic understanding of how a camera sensor works.

What is a Camera Sensor?
The camera sensor, also known as an image sensor, is an electronic device that collects light information, consisting of color & intensity after it passes through the lens opening, known as the aperture.

Shutter speed defines the length of time this light information is collected by the camera sensor.

ISO determines the amplification the light information receives as it’s conveyed into the digital world, where it’s stored on a memory card as a picture file.

There are two popular types of image sensors, CMOS sensors, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor & CCD sensors, charge-coupled device.

Due to the higher performance, especially in low light, and lower cost the CMOS Sensor is found in nearly all modern digital cameras.

CMOS Sensors are defined by their physical size, surface area for capturing light information, and the number of light information collecting pixels which make up this surface area.

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